• Song:


  • Artist:

    Tori Amos

  • Album:

    The Beekeeper

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I wouldn't say this is by any means correct, but it's a sketch of how I play it
off which you can base your own interpretation.

A (x02220@1)C#mI (x13321@4)thought it was Easter time
	    Ethe (022100@1)way the light rose
	  Drose (xx0232@1)that morning
A (x02220@1)    C#mLately (x13321@4)you've been on my mind
	EYou (022100@1)showed me the rope
	Dropes (xx0232@1)to climb
Aover (x02220@1)mountains
	Eand (022100@1)to pull myself
	  Dout (xx0232@1)of a landslide
	Eof (022100@1)a landslide

I thought it was harvest time
You always loved the smell of wood burning
She with her honey hair
Dalhousie Castle
she would meet you there
In the winter
Butter yellow
The flames you stirred
Yes, you could stir

AI (x02220@1)raise a glass
	EMake (022100@1)a toast
  D (xx0232@1)AA (x02220@1)toast in your honor
AI (x02220@1)hear your laugh
    E (022100@1)   Dand (xx0232@1)beg me not to dance
	A (x02220@1)name="chord_022100@1">E
on your right standing by
   Dis (xx0232@1)Mr. Bojangles
	A (x02220@1)  E (022100@1)   DWith (xx0232@1)a toast he's telling me it's time
to raise a glass
make a toast A toast in your honor
I hear you laugh and beg me not to dance
'cause on your right standing by
is Mr.Bojangles
with a toast he's telling me it's time
   E (022100@1)DTo (xx0232@1)let you go Let you go

I thought I'd see you again.
You say you might do
Maybe in a carving
in a cathedral
Somewhere in Barcelona. 

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