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Toto-I Will Remember By Max Zozzo
Intro:  Gm (355333@1)  Eb (x43121@3)  F (133211@1) G (320003@1)Gm (355333@1) Eb (x43121@3)  F (133211@1) C (x32010@1)Gm (355333@1)                   Eb (x43121@3)                        FI (133211@1)was born in the land of the sun and the tall green grass
      Gm (355333@1)            Eb (x43121@3)                      F (133211@1)      CAnd (x32010@1)I don't understand how all this has come to pass
          Gm (355333@1)                Eb (x43121@3)               F (133211@1)       CHow (x32010@1)we've come to surround ourselves in a sea of thieves
     Eb (x43121@3)                    F (133211@1)             Gm (355333@1)   Eb (x43121@3)    F (133211@1)    CIn (x32010@1)a land without learning only the fools believe
        Gm (355333@1)             Eb (x43121@3)              FI (133211@1)went driving last night on a dark canyon road
        Gm (355333@1)        Eb (x43121@3)            F (133211@1)     CHad (x32010@1)the sky to myself but I wasn't alone
        Gm (355333@1)            Eb (x43121@3)          F (133211@1)      CHad (x32010@1)the pain of my lifetime for my company
D# (xx0232@1)                     F (133211@1)             GmHow (355333@1)did it end up like this for you and me

Eb (x43121@3)                         Bb (x1333x@1)         F (133211@1)      Eb (x43121@3)                       GmWhen (355333@1)love breaks the promise the heart has to keep, it leaves only truth here to find
         Eb (x43121@3)                       Bb (x1333x@1)       F (133211@1)    D# (xx0232@1)           EbWhen (x43121@3)the spirit is crushed and the hurt is so deep between you and I

Bb (x1333x@1)       F (133211@1)               Gm (355333@1)        D (xx0232@1)           Eb (x43121@3)  
Even when love has come and gone and our hearts have moved along
         Bb (x1333x@1)FI (133211@1)will remember
Bb (x1333x@1)         F (133211@1)             Gm (355333@1)             D (xx0232@1)       Eb (x43121@3) 
There was a time we had the trust, and that always was enough 
         Bb (x1333x@1)F (133211@1) Eb (x43121@3)       F (133211@1)    GmI (355333@1)will remember, I will remember you

Gm (355333@1)  Eb (x43121@3)  F (133211@1)   C (x32010@1)Gm (355333@1)       Eb (x43121@3)         FAs (133211@1)I open my eyes to one more day,
    Gm (355333@1)             Eb (x43121@3)                  F (133211@1)     CThe (x32010@1)wind burns my face as it whispers your name
        Gm (355333@1)             Eb (x43121@3)          F (133211@1)   CAs (x32010@1)it's pulling me forward it tears me free
        Eb (x43121@3)                    F (133211@1)               GmAnd (355333@1)the only thing left is the tears for you and me


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