• Song:

    Something On

  • Artist:

    Tragically Hip

  • Album:

    Warchild Benefit

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Song: Something On
Band: The Tragically Hip
Album: Phantom Power
Label: Universal Music Canada
Written By: The Tragically Hip
Chorded By: ultimatelefty

Definitely one of my favourite songs by The Hip, and I was surprised
to not already see anything on here! So I decided to chord it out, though 
I wasn't quite sure if some of the chords were fifths or barres, so I have
most of them listed as fifths in the song, but in the chord section up here
at the top I wrote out the barred variations of the chords, so you can play it 
however you want! Anyways, please rate, comment, and enjoy!

Standard Tuning

Chords (EADGBe):

D5: x577xx
C5: x355xx
F:  133211 (this chord can also be played as F5: 133xxx) 
A#5:x133xx (this chord can also be played as A#maj: x13331)
G5: 355xxx (this chord can also be played as G: 355433)
G#5:466xxx (this chord can also be played as G#maj: 466544)

Intro: D5 C5 F (x3) 

Your imaginations having puppies 

It could be a video for new recruits 

Just stare into the camera 
                 D5  C5      Bb5
And pretend that you got the flu 
               D5       C5    Bb5
Or dreams of impossible vacations 
            D5    C5       Bb5
And get all teary from the wind 
                        D5        C5         Bb5
Look as though you're standing at the station 
                     D5   C5   F
Long after the train came in 
            G5                 Bb5
And see how the space tautens 
                 D5   C5   F
Like there's something on 
             G5                Bb5                
And you're never more hot then 
                    D5   C5   F  
When you've got something on 

Picture a century of water 

Bury the pipeline guy right here 

Kill the dream of possible vacations 
                     D5   C5     Bb5
With the sweep of a mapping pioneer 
                   D5  C5    Bb5
Outside there's hectic action 
            D5   C5      Bb5
The ice is covering the trees 
                  D5  C5       Bb5
And one of em's interconnecting 
           D5  C5     F
With my chevrolet caprice 
              G5           Bb5
Black out to phantom power 
                  D5  C5    F
And like there's nothing on 
          G5            Bb5
And hammering the tower 

And now there's nothing on

Break (Listen to song for timing): 

Ab5 F Ab5 G5 Bb5

Ab5                     F
We'll ride the monorail 
                    Ab5          G5
Rocking gently home on the trail 
             Bb5               F
You wanna to show me the moon 

I know you're standing at the station 

I know there's nothing on 

I know the alienation 

I know the train's long gone 
F             G5                Bb5
I can see how your face tautens 
                    D5  C5   F
Like you've got something on 
            G5               Bb5
It makes me feel just rotten 
                   D5  C5   F
But you've got something on

D5 C5 F (x4)
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