• Song:

    Lost Souls

  • Artist:

    Trapped In Static

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Trapped In Static - Lost Souls
from the EP "On A Stage"

Capo on 3

Intro: Am  x8

Where you feel safe, 
         C              G                 Am
I wanna hide in there, take a ride with you, 
      C         G         Am  
Where I can be yours forever.    
      C                G               Am         C   G
In a world for you and me with no one else around
               Am                     C    G 
When you felt down, I always held you up, 
not just a face in the crowd
                C             G         
I thought you‘d always stick around
     Am                C     G             
But you,    again you let me down, 
tonight I am on fire, here my voice I am alive, 
          C               G          Am    C  G
we are stronger together,  we can survive

Am                   F          G       Am    C   G   
  I am not going down, I am on fire tonight
Am                    F          G             Am      C  G
  I will stick around,   be the light in your night
      Am                              C            G
This world cuts like a knife, but it hurts more inside
When thinking about you, living without you
F              G          Am      
 Wish I could change your mind,             
F                G            Am    C  G
 we're two lost souls in the night

Break: Am x4

              Am           C                     G                         
Where will we go, do you think we can find the strength? 
People like you,  don’t know what they need, 
       C               G
having everything your way
    Am                       C            G                                      
You say we can be free, but how can that be
With no one to share, no one that cares, 
       C                   G                Am    C  G                                   
and no feelings nothing to fill this empty air      
                    Am    C   G                  
and we are empty as air

[Repeat Chorus]

Solo: Am  x7    C G  Am

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