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    Funny Thing

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    All I Wanna Do Is Rock:...

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This song is brilliantly written and has a great tune. Full credit to Fran Healy. 

D  2        G   3        G/F#  3        Em7 3         A/G 3         
   3            3              3            3             2
   2            0              0            0             2
   0            0              0            0             2
                2              0            2             0
                3              2            2

Dsus2  0        C/E  0
       3             1
       2             2
       0             0 

Verse 1:

               D                     G               G/F#     Em7
Funny thing to do, is everyone like you, 'cos people seldom change, all 

just stay the same.

               D                             G                    G/F#    
funny thing to say, suppose you're just that way, although you're sure 

       Em7                      A/G
you're sure, there really is no cure.


            Dsus2               C/E                         G   G/F#
Funny kind of way, funny kind of day, you're funny all the time,          

you want a piece of mind.

                      D                                   A/G
And I've seen it all before, when you're closing all the doors, it's not 

            D     G     D          
funny any more.

Verse 2:

A/G            D                         G           G/F#     Em7
Funny thing to do, because the sky was blue, you ran away for good, 'cos 
no one understood.

                  D                         G               G/F#      Em7
Funny things you said, because the sky was red, it all went to your head, 

because the sky was red. 

Repeat chorus, play verse with no words, play chorus and verse 1 with words and end on chorus. 
Any corrections or comments please send them to me at shaunbeeden@hotmail.com.
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