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I?m not quiet sure bout this but it does sounds right to me!

Intro with Am(and E if you like to)

Am                  E
They say she is so strong and brave 
C                 Dm
Flexing out with every wave 
E              Dm
Many ancients sailors graves 
    C                  Dm
The sea will save them all 

(just like the verse before)
And what a day for us to swim 
Thunderous arms are closing in 
They're hugging us like kith and kin 
Pull us in below 

E                   Dm
And I was wondering why 
C                    Dm
Why should we float? 
E                        Dm
When you can swallow the sky 
C                          Dm
When you can swallow gray boats 

Am                   E
They say the moon controls the sea 
C                Dm
Hand in hand in harmony
E                 Dm 
Maybe that's like you and me 
C            Dm
Eternally to be 

And you will crash against the land 
Turning rocks into the sand 
We'll do it like we always planned 
Just hand in hand alone 

Chorus one time and out with Am

So,here you go
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