• Song:

    I Am Persuaded

  • Artist:

    Travis Cottrell

  • Album:

    Jesus Saves (Live)

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I am Persuaded
David Moffitt Sue C. Smith Travis Cottrell

Verse 1
      F                   F
I believe Your love is faithful
        F                         Bb    C
When all your hopes have crumbled
F                         F
It is standing strong and able
        Gm      Bb          C
When everything else fails
       Gm       C             F            C
I believe your love will cover me in every storm
I am persuaded

               F                        Bb
Nothing in life nothing in death
                 F                 C
No mountain high no ocean depth
                Dm                Bb      Am
No power below on earth or above
        Gm              C          F
Can separate me from your love

Verse 2
       F                          F
I believe beyond a shadow
         F             F
You never will forsake me
                 F                       F
And your love endures forever
        Am        Bb          C
When all my strength is gone
        Gm         C           F
I believe your love will carry me
And hold me close
I am persuaded
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