• Song:

    Asleep With The Fireflies

  • Artist:

    Turin Brakes

  • Album:


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Turin brakes- Asleep with the fireflies
Tabbed by H.T

Amazing song! This is just the chords but I might try and work out Gale's part sometime.
Listen to song for accurate timings.

Intro and verse 1:

A C#m Cadd9 D


C#m Cadd9 D A E

C#m Cadd9 D A Dsus2


G A Bm D (x4)

Repeat verse, bridge and chorus twice and then chorus to fade.


A: 002220 or 577655
C#m: 446654
Cadd9: x32033
D: x00232 or 557775
E: 022100
Dsus2: 002230
G: 320033 or 355433
Bm: 224432 or 799777
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