• Song:

    Dark On Fire

  • Artist:

    Turin Brakes

  • Album:

    Bottled At Source - The...

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Tabbed by ~ Pilki 02 


Bm  - 799777
F#m - 244222         
G   - 355433
D   - 101112121010
A   - 002220
Em  - 022000

In the morning,
When you wake up
Daytime fades up
                 F#m    G
And your make up runs,
Just hold on

It sounds tacky,
but I'm hopeful
There's a reason      F#m   G
That the world turns round,
Through silent sound
         D       G  
Set the dark on fire x 4
A   G
Now oooooohhhhh

I got lost
Inside a memory,
When I was young
             F#m      G
And I almost drowned,
I was found

It sounds tacky
But I'm hopeful,
There's a reason
                 F#m     G 
That I found the ground
And my sirens sound.
         D       G
Set the dark on fire x 4
A G Bm
Em                   F#m                    Bm
So take all that you know and stuff it in a hole,
Em                   F#m                    Bm
And in ten thousand years someone will take you home,
Em         F#m                Bm
Rewind the words in which you roam
A   G        Bm
ooh oooooooh ooh
D               G
Set the dark on fire
A  G   Bm
Nowwww oooooh

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