• Song:

    Ether Song

  • Artist:

    Turin Brakes

  • Album:

    Bottled At Source - The...

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The other version is waYY out this is the real deal 
by Spilwock

12: 12 12 12 12 12 12 
D:  000232
C:  032010
Bm: 004430(u can play it barred on the 1st but i think my way sounds better)


(12 C 12 Bm C) x2 (single strum-let ring for each) 

(D C  D Bm C) x2 fade in 

       D  C          D  Bm    C
In the ether, in the ether's air
          D    C              D  Bm    C
Would you be there? Would you be my friend?
        D  C            D  Bm    C
In the morning, in the morning rain.
        D  Bm       D Bm   C
In the binary of a data stream
D    C
D  Bm C
       D   C         D Bm C
On an airplane, on a radio
       D   C          D  Bm     C
All around me, In the ether's flow

D          C          D      Bm   C
Ahhhh Ahhh  Ahh       Ah Ahh Ah Ahhhh

Cadd9            C
Cadd9            C

Cadd9             C
Under an orange sun
Cadd9        C          Em
Running from what I've become

Cadd9            C
Cadd9 (fingerpick)                  C
What am I ( what am i)  running from?
Cadd9            C

D             C          D        Bm   C
NAhhhh NAhhh  NAhh       NAh NAhh NAh NAhhhh

D                C            
You can't take a photograph of it at night
     D           Bm          C
It lives in the code of a firefly buzzing
     D                C  
It vibrates through brick walls, keeping their time
     D           Bm       C
It cuddles the creeping chaos coming
   D            C
I see it more clearly than ever before
     D         Bm       C
I'm in it's invisible river flowing
         D               C
Through everything I've ever been through before
      D              Bm       C
Heads up, somethings really happening....
D      C
D  Bm    C
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