• Song:

    Feeling Oblivion

  • Artist:

    Turin Brakes

  • Album:

    Bottled At Source - The...

G5  C5  B5  D5

G5                  C5                 B5
Cubscouts are screaming,  Needing icecream and all the pleasures

     D5    G5                   C5                        B5
of June. I'm in a parked car flowers seem friendly and people in

             D5      G5                       C5
hallways feel walls.  Now it is night time, maybe we're cruising

 B5                D5           G5            C5             B5
avoiding the anti cruise. oh i don't really know where we are.

D5             A5               C5                 B5
If things get real promise to take me somewhere else_______

D5      A5                  C5                     B5      D5
By the time fear takes me over will we still be roll____ing

                       G5         C5      B5  D5  (back to verse riff)
and feeling oblivion

      G5     C5      B5  D5     G5     C5        B5    D5
So don't leave me          here on my own
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