• Song:

    Jet Trail

  • Artist:

    Turin Brakes

  • Album:

    The Red Moon EP

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Jet Trail - Turin Brakes
Tabbed by Carol McSweeney

This one comes from TB’s recent Red Moon EP…  Nice and simple but a bit reminiscent of
radiohead's 'fake plastic trees'...

A              Dmaj7/F#
Jet Trail, its alright

Flying thru the blue sky over

                                          A   Dmaj7/F#
the heads of the greedy people passing me by

A   Dmaj7/F#

  A       Dmaj7/F#
A human cannonball

Trying to get presence 
                                                                 A    D/F#
on a crowded street there’s a girl on the plane she’s looking down

A    D

C           D
She could haunt me

C            D
If she could meet me

C                D
I’m caught up completely, honey
                       A      Dmaj7/F#
Cos sadness ain’t my scene

A    Dmaj7/F#

A          Dmaj7/F#
5 miles too high

           D                                                               A
I could be landed at heathrow and catching a train back home where I don’t know

A          Dmaj7/F#
5 miles too far

running out of fuel on a pavement quickly 
                           A   Dmaj7/F#
I need some sugar in my blood

A   D

C              D
Well, London is hummin’

    C           D
I’m drowning in concrete

    C             D
The buildings are movin’, honey

              A    Dmaj7/F#
Sadness is so sweet

         E             Dmaj7/F#
Well its all so fuckin’ grey

       E              Dmaj7/F#
In the choices that I take

       E               Dmaj7/F#
In the memories that I fake

                   A  Dmaj7/F#   A  Dmaj7/F#   A  Dmaj7/F#
If anyone wants to know

         D   E                  Dmaj7/F#
Just how far anyone should ever go

A  Dmaj7/F#   A  Dmaj7/F#

Chords used:

A:              x02220
Dmaj7/F#:       2x0220
C:              x32010
E:              012200
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