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      G       C6/G
      / / / /  / / / /      [3X]

Verse 1:

      G       C/G          G    C/G
      What we need in the world today
            G             Eb      G
      Is a guide for the married man
            G      C/G           G    C/G
      Some simple thing that in every way
                G            B7      E
      Would provide for the harried man
      Dm               Em
      Help him not to worry
         Dm            Em
      Assist him to relax
       Dm                 C
      Help him slow his heart rate
           F#            D
      And spare him cardiacs

Verse 2:

      Such a guide would in many ways
      Turn the tide for the married man
      Enable husbands to fill their days
      As only the married can
      Dm                Em
      Every man would praise it
            F               D7
      It's such a splendid plan
      G       C/G            G          C/G
      Someday soon we shall point with pride
               Eb                   G   C/G  G  C/G
      To the guide for the married man

Vocal interlude:

      Eb  Ab   Eb  Ab   Eb  Ab   Eb
      / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /
      D   G    D   G    D   A7   D
      / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 3 [chords as per verse 1]:

      By the side of the married man
      'Tis the lady who shares his life
      You help the bride of the married man
      By removing the husband's strife
      Every wife who's truthful
      Who treasures married bliss
      Must keep her husband youthful
      What better way than this?

[key change to B]

Verse 4:

      B         E       B       E
      Each and every device we know
                B            G       B
      Must be tried for the married man
           B       E/B          B         E/B
      But who can question the debt he'll owe
              B            Eb7     Ab
      To the guide for the married man
      F#m            Abm
      List things universal
            F#m            F#
      From Pittsburgh to Japan
      B      E          B     E
      Every man can be satisfied
              G                     B
      By the guide for the married man


      B   E
      / / / /  [repeat to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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