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                              "Let Me Be"
                              (P.F. Sloan)


	D   A    D6  E		[2X; 12-string enters 2nd time]
	/ / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

	  D              E      D          E
	Please don't mistake me or try to make me
	      D        E       A
	The shadow of anybody else
	D            E      D              E
	I ain't the him or her you think I am
	          D      E            A
	I'm just trying hard to be myself
	          E                     A
	Though society's goal is to be part of the whole
	           D                       E
	That may sound good to you, not to me


	Let me be, let me be
	    D            E
	To think like I want to
	Let me be, let me be
	        D        E
	That's all I ask of you
	  D                       C#m   Bm     [1,2: repeat intro  3: to coda]
	I am what I am and that's all I ever can be

Verse 2:

	Don't try to plan me or understand me
	I can't stand to be understood
	I could never give in to or ever live up to
	Being like you think I should
	I've got some inner need that I'm tryin' to heed
	I can't take hand-me-down destiny

[repeat chorus]

Verse 3:

	Don't try to change me or rearrange me
	To satisfy the selfishness in you
	I'm not a piece of clay to mold to your moves each day
	And I'm not a pawn to be told how to move
	I'm sorry I ain't the fool you thought would play by your rules
	A to-each-is-own philosophy

[repeat chorus]



	               D     E       A
	I said that's all I ever can be   [repeat to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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