G5                     B5
From the time I fall asleep,
        C5                 D5            G5   B5  C5 D5
til the morning comes,..I dream about..you baby.
      G5        B5
And I feel all right,
        C5    D5                     G5   B5   C5 G5
cause I know tonight I?ll be with..you baby.
B5               A5
And who makes me feel like smiling,
         C5            D5
when the weary day is through?

G5   C5     D5    C5          G5    C5     D5          G5
You baby, you..no one but you, baby..nobody but you. (x2)

         G5        B5
They say candy is sweet,
       C5          D5             G5   B5   C5 D5
but it just can?t compete with..you baby.
           G5            B5
You?ve got everything I need,
    C5          D5               G5   B5   C5 D5
And nobody can please like you do, baby.
B5                      A5
And who believes all my wildest dreams,
       C5                          D5
and my craziest schemes will come true?


G5                         C5               G5
A little ray of sunshine..A little bit of soul.
G5                                      A5       B5
Add just a touch of magic..You got the greatest thing
      C5        D5
since rock ?n? roll!


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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