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C                           G7              C                C7
Hello darling nice to see you  It's been a long time 
                   F                             C	 
Your just as lovely as you used to be
How's your new love, are you happy	
         C             C7            D                                    
Hope your doing fine just to know it means so much to me
C                                        G7   
What's that darling how am I doing?
     C           C7              F 
I'm doing all right exept I can't sleep
and I cry all night till dawn.

                          C7               F                  C
What I'm trying to say is that I love you and I miss you 
                F            G7         C 
and I'm so sorry that I did you wrong.
		         G7               C                 C7	 	
Look up darling let me kiss you just for old times sake		
           F                                           C
Let me hold you in my arms one more time
thank you darling may god bless you 
       C                  C7                    D 
and each step you take brings you closer
to the things you seek to find.
C                                  G7
Good bye darling I got to go now.
           C       C7
I got to try to find a way 
                    F                                             C
to lose these memories of a love so warm and true.
                                C7               F 
and if you should ever find it in you heart
   C                             F
to forgive me comback darling 
         G7           C            
I'll be waiting for you.
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