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A5                                 D5                 A5
She tried to hide it by the faded denim clothes she wore
                            B5             E5
But I knew she'd never been inside a bar before
     A5                        D5              A5
And I felt like a peasant who just had met a queen
                                   E5               A5
And she knew I saw right through her tight fittin jeans

(Same Chords)

I asked her whats a woman like you doin here
I see your used to champaign but I'll buy you a beer
She said you got me figured out, but I'm not what I seem
And for a dance I'll tell you bout these tight fittin jeans

     E5                         A5
She said I married money, I'm used to wearin pearls
         D5                            B5
But I've always dreamed of bein just a good ole' boys girl
      A5                                     D5
So tonight I left those chrystal candle lights to live a dream
                                       E5           A5
And partner theres a tiger in these tight fittin jeans

Break                 (KEY CHANGE)
A5  A5  D5  A5  A5  B5  E5 - Bb5 Bb5  Eb5  Bb5

  Bb5                               Eb5           Bb5
We danced every dance and lore the beer we went through
                              C5                  F5
Im satisfied I did my best to make her dreams come true
      Bb5                           Eb5           Bb5
As she played out her fantasies before my eyes it seemed
                                  F5            Bb5
A cowfirl came alive inside those tight fittin jeans

(Same Chords)

In my minds she still a lady, thats all I'm gonna say
I knew that I'd been broken by the time we parted ways
And I know I held more woman than most guys had ever seen
That night I knew a lady wearin tight fittin jeans

      F5                             Bb5
Well now shes back in her world and I'm stil stuck in mine
                         C5         F5
But I know I'll always remember the time
  Bb5                 Eb5
A cowboy once had a millionaires dream
    Bb5                             F5            Bb5
The night I held that angel wearin tight fittin jeans

My first tab tell me what ya think.  Oh, and if you play this song for anyone, you gotta 
that S@!# out in the last verse (Well nows shes back in . . .)

Well that's it. Rock on Conway!
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