• Song:


  • Artist:

    Two Gallants

  • Album:

    Scenery Of Farewell

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Band:Two Gallants

intro: E       A

A                   E
 Once when I was daily growing
A                     E 
 Dressed in red from head to toe
B                    A                    E
 You were all the thoughts I’s knowin’
A                        B
 The sun did shine, no care the season
A                      E
 While I learned my 1-2-3’s and
B                  A                   B
 You fell in to teach me treason
A               B                 E             A
Now I spend my each day busy, jumping on the monkey show
E                A
Jumping on the monkey show
B                A                B
Searching for a face I know
A                    B              E
And I just walk for hours down the red brick march of 
Market Street
E     A
Of Market Street
B                      A 
And spend my each days in repeat
E                     B
Lady she’s alright with me
F#                      A
done borrowed all my empathy
E                          B
and you know she got the best of me
F#                       A
'cause she's not lyin' next to me.


B                                   E
And I ain’t got no one to bear my burden
B                                E
Though I could pay with sips of wine
Abm                               A
Old men like me just tuck their shirts in
E          B
Too busy running out, though we
E               B
 Do our best to do without still
E           B              A
 Too busy running out of time
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