• Song:

    Oh No!

  • Artist:

    Two Tons Of Steel

  • Album:

    Live At Gruene Hall

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e | ----------------------------------- | B | ----------------------------------- | G | ----------------------------------- | D | -----------------2-2--------------- | A | ---------2-2-4-4-----4-4-2-2------- | E | -0-0-4-4---------------------4-4-0- |
Chorus: (N/C/) A5 Oh no, there you go, falling in love E5 A5 I told you I'd never let it get that far E5 I told you once, told you twice A5 You never listened to my advice E5 B5 E5 Now you've fallen and baby, you gotta go Verse : B5 To the lonely part of town, E5 Where heartbreak comes by the pound B5 E5 And tears keep the beat to a honky-tonk song B5 G#5 C#5 Where love always goes wrong, and nights take too long F#5 B5 You got to come here and leave this boy alone Chorus Guitar Solo (play chorus) Repeat Verse Chorus Steel Solo (play chorus) Bridge: G#5 C#5 Blue were the skies that once smiled on us F#5 B5 ................ Excuse me darlin' but...that's my bus Chorus E5 B5 E5 Hey, now you've fallen, and baby, it's time to go E5 B5 E5 Hey, now you've fallen, and baby, you gotta go
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