• Song:

    I Drove Her To Dallas

  • Artist:

    Ty England

  • Album:

    Highways And Dancehalls

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D  D/F#  G  A twice 
I could think of a million reasons 
That would help explain her leavin' 
G                 A4   A  
Say she need time alone 
Just a standard case of restless 
Or feelin' homesick for her Texas 
G           G/F#              A    
But I'm the one that made her go 
                     D               D/F# 
Even though I didn't fill up her old pickup truck 
       G        G/F#      Em 
Didn't pack her things or start it up 
       D               D/F#             G     A  
Didn't back it out the drive or gun the gas 
         D                   D/F#  
I didn't steer the wheel all through the night 
        G                 G/F# 
As that Chevy flew 'cross three state lines 
       Em                                  A    
Didn't do one thing to guide that ol' half-ton 
               G       A            D    
Oh but I'm the one who drove her to Dallas 
Lookin' back on how I've done her 
I think about it 
It's no wonder 
Just why she'd leave Tennessee 
The way I let her leave here cryin' 
I might as well have done the drivin' 
There's no one here to blame but me 
Even though 
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