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Tabbed by: Alex Light

Tuning: 2 steps down.

Intro: E5 C5  G5 D5

   E5          C5        G5
When Darkness finds I listen,
      D5        E5      C5      G5        D5
to every little thing she has to say
E5            C5          G5
And when I'm all but found its
  D5             C5
Darkness that'll lead my way
                    D5       G5
And all she ever asks me to do is


  C5    G5                D5
stay awake to see a picture perfect
  G5                  C5
moon she'll give me
            G5        D5           G5
She ties a ribbon to and with the stars
      C5        G5         E5
she lets me know shes playin
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