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    Scars Of Failing Heart

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"Scars Of A Failing Heart"
tabbed by Gerald Estremera??
Intro: Eb-F-G-C-C#-Eb

    Eb           F
Broken hopes falling away
     G           C
Don't you have something to say?
      Eb           F
Does it make you sleep?
      G            C
Emptiness of words that you've said
      Eb            F
Scars in my heart that you left
       G            C
Now I'm close to dying


       Eb                    F
Everything's failing with thoughts of you
        G                    C
Now I'm down without knowing what's true
         Eb                  F
With the way you look at someone else
         G                     C
Everyone's saying just try to be strong
         Eb                    F
How I wish that I'm just being wrong
         G               C
Would you try to hear me out?

       Eb                       F
The mood of distraction's prevailing tonight
        G                       C
Have you seen what's the best and what's right?
         Eb                       F
Now you're gone and you're on your own
        G                           C
The ghost of my presence is saying goodbye
         Eb                        F
And I'll die without making things right
           G                  C
And you're gone and I'm on my own

     Eb                F
Broken glass cut me to sleep
      G                C
Wounds are dissected so deep
      Eb             F
I don't want to wake up
      G                  C
I need this blood to warm my hands
       Eb                F
And you don't have to understand
       G               C
You just got me all wrong..

Hello po sa lahat ng kakalase kong 4th yr. H.S, graduate na tayo mga tol!! ayos!!!,hehe,
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