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    Bring Me Your Cup

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    UB40 Present The Father...

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Bring Me Your Cup

This is not actually my work but i thought i would post it up for those of you that wanted to know

Composed By:  Hassan, Falconer, Travers, Wilson, Virtue, Campbell, & Campbell 

F        Am      Dm       Bb         C7   F                                                            
  Did I ever say,   how I feel about you
        Am       Dm      Bb      C7   F                                                        
Did I never find    that easy to do
       Am          Dm       Bb         C7     F                                               
Things that you do,   don?t need to be heard
            Am            Dm       Bb          C7
I know your actions baby,    speak louder than words

F                   Am                                                                              
I?ve got the bottle, bring me your cup
Dm               Bb    C7                                                             
Pop the cork and try a sup
F                 Am                                                                     
When you?re empty I?ll fill you up
Dm                  Bb          C7        F   Am  Dm  Bb     
We?ll drink it down,   ?til the sun comes up

F       Am          Dm        Bb      C7       F
  I?m heading north,   like a steaming train
     Am           Dm         Bb      C7     F
Foot to the floor,    in the driving rain
   Am             Dm        Bb       C7    F
My head is aching,   and my mouth is dry
           Am               Dm             Bb-C7     
I?ve got a thirst that only you can satisfy 



(2nd verse)



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