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    Possessive Greed-love Is Like Lightning

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Love is like lightning
(it only strikes once)

 {tab will be posted 2 morro(havnt got my guitar,....eeeek....(!)}

Verse 1:
Caught up within my emotions
And the influence of alkahol
I think of you
And how you struck me down
With your beauty,
Your love

I sweep up at work trying to think how it was before i met you
I just can't remember
I remember upto last time you loved me
Where you kissed me for the last time

Love is like lightning                                                                    
I cant find another striking                                                         
Sometimes it can be quite frightening                                 
To think your the only one who can make me feel this way  

Verse 2:   
I know your over me
but can't you see?
i want you to strike me again...
but if you do will it be the same?


(written by Jacob Soden, not yet approved)

(c)Possesive greed-Love is like lightning 2002/2003
all rights reserved
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