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    The Strauss- Out Of Here

  • Artist:


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C                 G                     Am  

Im traped in this place but for only a short time
AM           E              D
I will be in paradice a the high

F              C      G   
Soon I will be out of here
Am            Asus2    EM
Gone along to a better there          
F           C           G
Where I can be a better me
Am                   Asus2        EM
When you compare the rules you’re free

D           AM G   
Im going to be away
G        E                    C
From the people who bring you down 


A     G            D 
At BF Life will be great
A           G          D
Better then LE wich is hate


End on 

A X4     G X4   E X 4  AM
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