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What Went Wrong tab
transcribed by Ben Malley

here's what i see as the
intro/verse of "what went wrong" (#9 on challenge)

intro: 2 chords 1:x-0-10-9-x-x    2:x-0-9-9-x-x
just alternate between chords 1 and 2, piece of cake.


chord 1                                C5
    he appeared in the kit - chen

chord 1                                Bb5
    and the group was say - ing

chord 1                            C5
    she comes with high regard

chord 1                                Bb5
    and she gets what she wants

piece of cake... my feeling is that the chorus begins with a riff 
alternated between the notes Bb and C with hammer ons... but i 
haven't had access to an electric to test it out.

next week: sexually frustrated rock bands and the music that 
becomes them.

-ben malley... if you want to e-mail me please use:
vicar-in-a-tutu@hotmail.com not that i check it or anything.

dear whoever,
    in my last message on the chords for "what went wrong", i didn't see
that the two chords (1 + 2) were actually just different voicings for Amin
and Asus2 (low to high: 002200) respectively. i also realized later that the
C5 and Bb5 power chords are really C major and Bb major.
    the song is basically just Am to Asus2 in the intro.  the verse goes Am
C Am Bb... it's kind of cheesy. i'm disappointed.
anyway...more to come.

next weeks theme: romantic and square is hip and aware.
-ben e-mail: vicar_in_a_tutu@hotmail.com
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