• Song:

    Object Of Desire

  • Artist:

    Val Holler

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Object Of Desire Chords by Val Holler

Object of Desire - Val Holler

words and music by Chris Knudson
tuning: EBDGAD (capo I on record)

VERSE	Dsus2  (10-10-0900)   Bm9  (770600)   G6sus2  (330200)   
Simply 	made
Never betrayed
With eyes that speak of  a birdly-word song
A thousand light-years in her shade.

SEGUE		Em11  (075000)   Em11 v2 (077050)   Gmaj7  (x34020)   Em11 v2
		Em11  (089070)   A13-9  (x-11-11-900)


Essential oil in a fire
Dsus2     Bm9  Bbmaj9	     G6sus2
Healing   ha---nds like a choir
The sun goes down behind the billabong
The savage takes her blade and cuts the barb-wire.

CHORUS		E  (002122)	Bmaj9  (x03233)   G  (x04344)   Bmaj9   E
That old rhythm
                E  (002122)	Bmaj9  (x03233)   Bm  (x0979x)   
                Bm7  (x0-12-11-12-0)   G      G6sus2	Bbmaj9  (660500)	
Of the shadow dance.


The hidden postmark of a flower.
Signed, sealed, delivered I'm yours for an hour.
Just out of reach - maybe not - so long.
The ribbon in your glass... so sweet.


VERSE/		Feel the shadow of our dance.
OUTRO		Hear the shadow of our dance.
		The shadow of our dance.

(end on  G6?9)  (332222)
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