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Renaissance Song Chords by Valdy

Renaissance Song 

transcribed by Brent Wallace

D (walk down D-Db-B-A)                                                      A
I like the way that your hair falls away when the night brings a candle to you
 A                                                                                          D
And I like to stare as you come down the stair and the light from the landing shines through
D                                                                             A  
And how many fallen leaves will it take to believe that autumn has finally come
A                                                                                      D
The weathers grown colder and we've both grown older it's hard to believe we're still one

G                        D                                 E                        A
Let's dance that old dance once more, still move as smooth on that old ballroom floor
G                                       D
I'll wear my Sunday best, you wear your favourite dress
E                                  A                    G
Lock up the door, and lets dance that old dance once more 

You hung around keep my feet on the ground when I acted as proud as a fool 

We were kids and we've grown, we've got kids of our own  Got to raise by the old golden rule

Somehow it seems, some of our dreams got discarded somewhere on the road 

When all that was true could be found in the blue of your eyes that still sparkle and glow


.The frosting has come and with a flick of his thumb turned the windows to renaissance art

As we sit round the fire with no need to enquire about the ways of the soul and the heart

Years passed us by like a soft whispered sigh not noticing youth as it flew 

It's easy to tell that you wear your age well not trying to prove you're still you 

Chorus 2xish  and fade
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