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this tab is oky but its just chords so dont hope for anything speacial. the reall thing 
really hard to do so hears a simpler of version. You can times it youself but were ive 
the note thats were it changes in the songe and at the rif do it as many times as you need


G5                         E5
this is the promise of redemption
                C5              A5
these are the words you never said
            G5                E5
Cuz youll regret to say ''im sorry''
C5                          A5
But the words will never mend
 G5                                 E5
These are the problems that will blind us
 C5                      A5
to the ties they wont unfold
        G5                       E5
As we cross those bridges and boundaries
        C5            A5
to were we'll never know

[riff] G5 E5 A5 C5
       G5 E5 C5 A5

C5                   A5
so you hope that i wont let you down
 G5                   E5
Ive got this burning in my stomach
 C5                     A5
And it keeps me up at night
 G5                     E5
And as i lie down and think to myslef
      C5                  A5
About all the times you lied
 G5                    E5           G5                       E5
so forgive me when i tell you i wont let this one pass me by

-- and so on and so forth its the same mostly al the way through same for chours and verse
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