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    Feel So Bad

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C                  Em
In my dreams there are some
             C   Am    Em
 things that I can't describe 
C                 Em
I have to speak about or I would 
D          Em
keep this lie 
C                Em           C
when it gets me down oh then I 
       Am          Em
get turned around 
C                       Em
you stabbed me in the back is 
       D              C
this something you enjoy, 
D               Em
something you enjoy 
C                Em      Bm
Tell me why do I feel so bad? 
  C                 Am            
I want to hurt you deep in your

   Em     Bm
I feel so bad 
C                   Am      
I thought we were in real, real 
   Em     Bm
I feel so bad 
C             Am      C     D
I'm speaking from the inside 
C                   Em  
But now I want to fight against 
    C        Am             Em
And so you can't make me be hurt 

Once as I was naive and silly 
I thought you told the truth 
Now I know more about you 
I will not believe in you, 
believe in you 

C               Em
When you look at me 
 D               B / ( H7 )
Will I ever be free? 

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