Transcribed by Cory 

[ G5 C5 D5    C5  B5 D5     C5  B5 ]   F#5 Ab5
Existence is a stage on which we pass,
[ Ab5 A5   B5   C5     B5   A5    B5 ]  D5
a sleepwalk trick for mind and heart;
     D5           G5                      F5
it's hopeless, I know, but onward I must go
 F5                E5
and try to make a start

at seeing something more 
            E5                             D5
than day to day survival, chased by final death.
                       G5                              F5
if I believed this the sum of the life to which we've come,
I wouldn't waste my breath.
Somehow, there must be more.

B5    G5

C5     C5       C5                       E5   
There was a time when more was felt than known
but now, entrenched inside my sett,
              G5                                 F5
in light more mundane, thought rattles round my brain:
we live, we die...and yet?

Riff 1:
  D5 C5   D5 C5   D5 C5 E5  C5  D5 C5 A5 
-------------------------------- | 
-------------------------------- | 
--7-5---7-5---7-5-(b9)-5--7-5-2--- | 
--7-5---7-5---7-5-(b9)-5--7-5-2--- | 
--5-3---5-3---5-3-7--3--5-3-0--- | 
-------------------------------- | 

Riff 1
In the beginning there was order and destiny
but now that path has reached the border and on our knees 
is no way to face the future, whatever it be.

A5                G5                F5
Though the forces which hold us in place
             A5        G5       F5
last through eons in unruffled grace
F5                  E5
we, too, wear the face of creation.
Riff 1
As anti-matter sucks and pulses periodically
the bud unfolds, the bloom is dead, all space is living history.
It seems as though time must betray us yet we're alive
and though I see no God to save us, yet we survive

D5                           A5               
through the centuries of progress
D5                     Bb5
which don't get us very far.
A5   D5                      A5
All illusion! All is bogus...
D5                     Bb5     G5    A5
we don't yet know what we are.

Riff 1         
Laughing, hoping, praying, joking, Son of Man,
with lowered eyes but lifting hearts, we're grains of sand
and though, in time, the sea may claim us for its own
we are the rocks which root the future - on us it grows!

D5                             A5
We might not be there to share it
D5              Bb5   A5    D5                    A5   
if eternity's a jest but I think that I can bear it
D5                      Bb5     G5    A5
if the next life is the best.

(riff 1 with solo's)

 C#5  F#5  C#5  F#5 
 F5   Bb5  C5   F5 

G5    A5            G5               F5            
Even if there is a heaven when we die,
        A5                G5                  F5
endless bliss would be as meaningless as the lie
            A5             G5        
that always comes as answer to the question
F5                          E5
"Why do we see through the eyes of creation?"

B5  D5  F#sus F#5  [ D5 E5 ] B5 [ D5 C5 ] A5

B5               F#5
Adrift without a course,
     [ D5 E5 ] B5  B5
it's very lonely here,
our only conjecture
     A5               B5          F#5
what lies behind the dark.
F#5                E5
Still, I find I can cling to a lifeline,
B5                              E5             E5
think of a lifetime which means more than my own one,
E5        E5        B5         B5
dreams of a grander thing than we are.

[ C#5 D5 ]   F#5        E5
Time and Space hang heavy on my shoulders...
B5                    [ G5  A5 ]  E5
when all life is over who can say
       E5                B5     B5        E5
no mutated force shall remain?

E5                        B5 F#5     B5   
Though the towers of the city
E5                B5  F#5 B5
are denied to we men of  clay
E5                      B5    F#5 B5      F#5  Ab5
still we know we shall scale the heights some day.
Ab5               ( E5 )                      
Frightened in the silence, frightened, but
A5        E5 E5    B5 
thinking ve - ry   hard, 
E5                B5 F#5  B5     E5
let us make computations of the stars.

E5 B5 E5

[Instrumental section]

Riff 1         
Older, wiser, sadder, blinder, watch us run:
faster, longer, harder, stronger, now it comes...
colour blisters, image splinters gravitate
towards the centre, in final splendour disintegrate.

D5                  A5
The universe now beckons
D5                       Bb5  
and Man, too, must take His place;
A5     D5                  A5 
just a few last fleeting seconds
D5               Bb5    G5      A5
to wander in the waste,

        A5                G5               F5
and the children who were ourselves move on,
       A5                 G5             F5
reincarnation stills its now perfected song,
     A5            G5            F5        B5   B5
and at last we are free of the bonds of creation.
E5                  B5        E5                   B5
All the jokers and gaolers, all the junkies and slavers too,
E5                        B5             Ab5
all the throng who have danced a merry tune...
Ab5          E5                    A5       E5 E5    B5 
human we can all be, but Humanity we must rise above,
E5                  B5                  E5
in the name of all faith and hope and love.

E5                      B5         E5                  B5   
There's a time for all pilgrims, and a time for the fakers too,
E5                    B5                          Ab5
there's a time when we all will stand alone and nude,
Ab5          E5                     A5   E5 E5     B5
naked to the galaxies...naked, but clothed in the overview:
E5                       B5            E5
as we reach Childhood's End we start anew.

         E5             B5  
And though dark is the highway,
E5                       B5
and the peak's distance breaks my heart,
E5                 B5                       Ab5
for I never shall see it, still I play my part,
believing that what waits for us
              A5          E5      E5      B5
is the cosmos compared to the dust of the past.
E5                    B5                 E5         
In the death of mere Humans Life shall start!
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