• Song:

    My Lonely Sad Eyes

  • Artist:

    Van Morrison

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Song: My Lonely Sad Eyes
Artist: Van Morrison
Album: Them

Tabbed by Patrick Rickelton



G  D 

Verse 1: 
G          D 
Fill me my cup 
G                   C 
And I'll drink your sparkling wine 
Pretending everything is fine 
                G       D 
'Till I see your sad eyes 
G          D 
Throw me a kiss 
G        C 
Across a crowded room 
Some sunny wind-swept afternoon 
Is none too soon for me to miss 
  G        G 
My sad eyes 

Whoa not bad eyes 
D                         G 
Or glad eyes, but you my sad eyes 

Verse 2: 
Fortunate and free 
And there go you and I 
Between the other sky 
But who are you and I 
To wonder why we do so? 
My sad eyes 


Verse 3: 
Oh what a story 
The moon and all it's glory 
This time I sing it everthing 
For you my sad eyes 
You better fill me my cup 
And I'll drink your sparklin' wine 
Pretendin' everything is fine 
'Till I see your sad eyes 

Whoa, not bad eyes 
Or glad eyes 
But you, my sad eyes 
Lonely, sad eyes 
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