Help Somebody Chords by Van Zant

Help somebody

Van Zant is the younger brother of the guy with Lenadr Skynard who died, He doesn't
useualy do country ut this was in the top 20 this week so..

Intro G
B|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3    x2

Verse 1
G                                   Am
Granddaddy was a hillbilly scholar, blue collar of a man.
He came from a school where you didn't need nothin'
If you couldn't make it with your own two hands.
G                                               Am
He was back woods, back wards, used words like: no sir, yes 
             C9                                  G
mam, by god, be darned and hell yeah I'm American
Adim                  Em                 
In all the years he walked this earth, 
Adim                     Em
I swear all he did was work.
            Am7                 Em7
He said the devil dreams on that idle horse
So listen to me squirt.

G                         Am7         C9                  G
Don't get too high on the bottle and get right w/ the man
G                                      Am7
Fight your fights, find your grace and all the things that you can't change.
C9                          G
And help somebody if you can

G                                       Am
Now Granny said son stick to your guns, if you believe in something no matter what.
Cause it's better to be hated for who you are,
Than be loved for who your not.
She was five feet of concrete,
NY born and raised on slick city streets
She'd cold stare you down, stand her ground
Still kickin' and screaming at 93.
Adim                  Em               Adim               Em
I remember just how frail she looked in that hospital bed.
Am7              Em7                   C
Takin' her last few breaths of life, Smiling as she said...

Chorus + And get right w/ the man

G  Am7  C9  G 

Am7           C9              G
I never let a cowboy make the coffee,
Am7                               C9         G
Yeah, that''s what Granny always said to my Granddad.
        Am7          C9                   G
He said never tell a joke that ain't that funny more than 
          Am7                           C9            C
once. If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans.  

Chorus + And get right w/ the man

G Am7 C9 G, G Am7 C9, G...fade  


G   320033
Am  X02210
C9  X32033
Em7 020000 or 022033
C   X32010
Am7 X02013 or X02010
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