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Have A Look Chords by Vanessa Amarossi

Vanessa Amarossi - Have a look.
 Tabbed by David Agolley  cimmera@hotmail.com.
Vanessa Amarossi
Have a Look

Tabbed By David Agolley  cimmer@hotmail.com

Chords   A 577655   C#m 446654   G 355433   Bm 224432   D 557775   E 779997

Intro(and verses) A C#m G Bm

A                           C#m
Never thought that you'd be mine
I Just think that you were kind
They say that you're leaving me
       Bm                                            A
Well I don't really care I've got other things on my mind.
And when you tell me to just get out
Well this isn't just your house
Well I thought         I told you
I guess you didn't listen baby
A                             C#m
Now that I'm looking for your time
Just to see if I'm on your mind

I think we're really over now
I saw your girlfriend         seems to be fine

D               E                              D
Now that we are through, I feel like I want you
                 E                  D     E
I try to get you back but you don't need me.
A   D                       E    D E
Baby, what you thinkin' now baby (whooa)
A   D              E            D       E
Baby, have a look, have a look, look at me
A   D                       E     D E
Baby, what you thinkin' now baby (whooa)
D                     (E-string 10 9 7 5)   
Baby I took a change, now baby(4x)

A                                  C#m
I, I know that I've done something wrong
I never left 'cause I wasn't strong
                            Bm                         A
Now that we're over I don't think that I could even go on.
Well I've changed my naughty ways
Well I'm telling you I've changed
Just come back and stop the crap work it out with me

         A                   Bm
(Spoken) I changed my mind.  I really changed everything I had.  
A                                              Bm
I'm even walking towards you now and you won't look at me. 

                   G Bm A                  A
I feel really used up, yeah you 'aint even mad about it
G                   Bm        A            A
I changed everything for you, only for you
G             Bm               A             G          A            
You won't even look at look at me whooa yeah look at me yeah

A                                  C#m
I know you told your friends I'm a bitch
And when we were together I didn't care less
                            Bm                               A
But now that we're over I'm trying hard to make you see I exist
              C#m                         G 
Well that's a fact, I need you I want you back
Just change your mind and we'll be fine work it out with me.


Baby, what you thinkin' now baby (whoa)

baby, have a look, have a look

look at me baby
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