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Vanessa Carlton/Stevie Nicks - The one
album: Heroes and thieves 

Tabbed by: Avrill
e-mail: avrill_xx@yahoo.com  corrections are always welcome :)

Em7: 020030
G/E: 020003
Dsus2: xx0320

DHoliday (xx0232@1)and I come home 
I hope to see this boy I know 
G/E (020003@1)                     DI (xx0232@1)can't wait for us to be alone 
Dflipping (xx0232@1)through the radio 
we sing along to the indie show 
G/E (020003@1)                                   Dthe (xx0232@1)songs they play mean more than i can say 

BmAnd (x24432@1)the tape I made you 
Ghope (320003@1)you think of me when it plays through 
Em (022000@1)                           Bm (x24432@1)       
feel kind of sad now that it's done 
Bmand (x24432@1)you think my times were free 
Emall (022000@1)the ways you say to me 
G (320003@1)                             Dsweet (xx0232@1)versions of let's wait and see 

           D (xx0232@1)G (320003@1)    Bmbut (x24432@1)you're always a golden boy 
    G (320003@1)                   Emand (022000@1)I'm the girl that you enjoy 
   G (320003@1)              Em (022000@1)         Dmy (xx0232@1)parents say isnt he a gifted son 
D (xx0232@1)     G (320003@1)    Bmtime (x24432@1)is always passing by 
      Bm (x24432@1)            Emand (022000@1)still I have to wonder why 
G (320003@1)               Em (022000@1)            Dyou (xx0232@1)can't come to tell me I'm the one 

Dsummer (xx0232@1)goes and we have grown 
we have our friends live on our own 
     G/E (020003@1)                            Dstill (xx0232@1)I'm not the girl you want me to be 

Bmsay (x24432@1)gravity can bend the time 
Emfunny (022000@1)I always liked your mind 
   G (320003@1)                           Dbut (xx0232@1)this whole thing is crushing me 


           D (xx0232@1)G (320003@1)       Bmbut (x24432@1)you're always a golden boy 
G (320003@1)                            Emin (022000@1)this girl's heart that you destroy
G (320003@1)             Em (022000@1)            Dyou (xx0232@1)smile at me then have your fun
D (xx0232@1)     G (320003@1)    Bm (x24432@1)time is always passing by
G (320003@1)               Em (022000@1)       
still I give you another try
G (320003@1)                    Em (022000@1)             D (xx0232@1)and hope that you will see that im the one 

Bm (x24432@1)          Gyou (320003@1)say your scared 
            Dto (xx0232@1)get too close
          A (x02220@1)come lets see how it goes 
Bm (x24432@1)       G (320003@1)        DI (xx0232@1)see you now at the show 
         A (x02220@1)       BmThe (x24432@1)7th in the 7th row 
Bm (x24432@1)      Gnow (320003@1)you look at me 
G (320003@1)          D (xx0232@1)             A (x02220@1)Bmand (x24432@1)see what I've known for so long 
Bm (x24432@1)     G (320003@1)           D (xx0232@1)    A (x02220@1)      Dsad (xx0232@1)that you can be so lovely and so wrong 

Dcame (xx0232@1)to say that I've moved 
I see your face you dont approve 
G/E (020003@1)                                 Dguess (xx0232@1)you could say that I'm already gone 

           D (xx0232@1)G (320003@1)        Bm (x24432@1)   
but you'll always be my golden boy 
G (320003@1)                           EmI'm (022000@1)the summer girl that you enjoyed 
G (320003@1)               Em (022000@1)         Dsome (xx0232@1)melodies are best left undone 
DI (xx0232@1)feel the time pass away 
G (320003@1)                            Dbut (xx0232@1)in my songs you'll always stay 
G (320003@1)                 Em (022000@1)            D (xx0232@1)   Em7  G (320003@1)BmI (x24432@1)don't need you to tell me I'm the one 
G (320003@1)                 Em (022000@1)            DI (xx0232@1)don't need you to tell me I'm the one. 
       G (320003@1)            Em (022000@1)       Dsus2 (xx0230@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D
you'll never know that I was the one. 

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