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This doesn't play along with the song, but it is in a more singable key(if you want to
along).  Feel free to email corrections of comments to me at noellematthews@hotmail.com.  

   E (022100@1)                AIts (x02220@1)four A.M and i'm wide awake
   E (022100@1)                AWaiting (x02220@1)for my thoughts to fade
   E (022100@1)          A (x02220@1)         BA (x2444x@1)flickering of all of my mistakes
   E (022100@1)                AAnd (x02220@1)as the light starts creeping in
   E (022100@1)                AI (x02220@1)slowly feel the day i'm missing
   E (022100@1)          A (x02220@1)              BBut (x2444x@1)i wouldn't even know where to begin

   E (022100@1)       ADo (x02220@1)i push to hard
   E (022100@1)     AFall (x02220@1)too fast
   E (022100@1)      A (x02220@1)     E (022100@1)     AThe (x02220@1)moment never seems to last
   E (022100@1)        A (x02220@1)           BWill (x2444x@1)i stop long enough to know
   A (x02220@1)       E (022100@1)      A (x02220@1)               EEverybody (022100@1)burns, and when it starts to hurt
   BI (x2444x@1)cry
   A (x02220@1)            EI (022100@1)feel it in my veins
   A (x02220@1)            EI (022100@1)just cant walk away
   BThis (x2444x@1)time

Your words circle in my head
Weigh so heavy on my chest
and I'm crushed by your expectations
I only want to do some good
Too dumb to know if i could
and I just want to feel the days i'm in

Do i go too far
Not far enough
Why can't i keep my big mouth shut
And do we lead the life that we should?
And everybody burns
And when it starts to hurt
I cry
I feel it in my veins
I just cant walk away
This time

Did i say too much again

Just a girl in a panic

If i tell you my truth

Am i getting through

It just seems i should confess

Who am i to pretend

This i more than i can carry

Everybody burns
And when it starts to hurt
I cry
I hold my head up high
I know i'll be alright
This time
I feel it in my veins
I just can't walk away
This time

It's 4 am and I'm wide awake
Waiting for my thoughts to fade
Its times like these when i see your face

I hope you like it, and for the last verse/bridge thing, you can play whtever chord 
fits your voice.


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