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My first go at putting down chords by ear... This gem of a song is from the Blade 
Runner soundtrack, and should be well-known by most.
It's a couple of notches deeper in tone than the original - and, being a novice 
myself, advices for fine improvements are kindly noticed :-)

"One More Kiss, Dear"

C (x32010@1)              Am7One (x02010@1)more kiss, dear
   E (022100@1)         E7One (020130@1)more sigh
   C (x32010@1)           Am7Only (x02010@1)this, dear
         D7It's (xx0212@1)goodbye
         F (133211@1)         FmFor (133111@1)our love is such pain
           C (x32010@1)   Am7And (x02010@1)such pleasure
     D7 (xx0212@1)                  GAnd (320003@1)I'll treasure till I die

So for now, dear
Aurevoir, madame
But I'm how-d'ye, not farewell
For in time we may have a love's glory
Our love story to tell

FmJust (133111@1)as every autumn
  C (x32010@1)       
Leaves fall from the tree
  Fm (133111@1)                    CTumble (x32010@1)to the ground and die
  Fm (133111@1)        
So in the springtime
  C (x32010@1)              Am7Like (x02010@1)sweet memories
  D7 (xx0212@1)                   GThey (320003@1)will return as will I

Like the sun, dear
Upon high
We'll return, dear
To the sky
And we'll banish the pain and the sorrow
Until tomorrow goodbye

(Song-text was originally typed in by Andre Antunes)
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