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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#

Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 01:33:56 -0600
From: John  English 
Subject:  v/vertigo/two.crd

by Vertigo

transcribed by:
The Sultan

This one's a bit of a slower
tune, but the solo breaks into
a dark, Black Sabbath type of
sound...it's actually more of
an instrumental section than a
solo...there's 8 repetitions of
the same chord progression.  Here's
the best I could figure out:

Two...how many can there be?
Two...if only it was me
Today will be the last day
And you can go your own way
Without me

F     Fmod
I reached toward the sky
And I came down
Am    Fmod
With an angel on my sleeve
Am     G6
I thought she'd never fly away
Until the day she disappeared

 C    D7
She left without saying goodbye
Nothing but a smile
Am   G
Emotions in an uproar
Keep on asking why

Guitar solo/Instrumental:
A/G/F*  F*/G/F*/Em  (repeat 8x)

A  G
Two...I can't count no higher
A  G
You...For Heaven was a liar
A     G
Today will be the last day
 F*    Em
And you, you can fly away
Dm   Am  E  F*
Without me

x03201   Fmod
1330xx   F*

That's pretty much it.  Try it on an
acoustic first, it's easier to get the
right tone and feel for it that way.

Keep rockin'!

 SSSSSSSSSSS U  U L   ttttt  a   NN  N
 SSSSSSSSSSS U  U L     t   a a  N N N
        SSSS UUUU LLLL  t  a   a N  NN
     SSSS                 aaaaaaa
   SSSS                  A       A

*****  Some people dream of a life of everlasting peace...where none shall worry about the passing days' 
patches, but only bask in the light.  Not me.  I dream of a giant chili boat in the sky, full of the 
things; satellite TV, corn chips, and little moon bunnies as far as the eyes can wander.  --J.E.  *****
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