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hi. here's another from the "drunk" cd
intro = G, with G(A) thrown in (i play lo-to-hi 300003 - simply remove the fret on the A string...)
                    D       C                     G
When I ran off and left her, she wasnt holding a baby
                      D      C                     G
but she was holding a bottle, and a big grudge against me
C                        Bm
i tried to learn from a psychiatrist
Am                    G
how to stay calm, and minimize risk
C              Bm
i shoulda kept all those appointments
C                         D
im a-gonna need them, im coming disjointed

other lyrics=
when i ran off and left her, i didnt look backward
til i was halfway to chatanooga on the atlanta connector
thats when i started flashin' on all the things that she did
all her little sayings, and i started to wig
i shoulda kept all those appointments
im a-gonna need them im coming disjointed

easy as hell and fun to sing!!!!!!!!!!
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