• Song:

    The Key To Life

  • Artist:

    Vince Gill

  • Album:

    The Key

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this song is fnger picked. nothin too fancy but still has a real good sound.

i play the riff like this. the song sounds like it just starts without the slide but i 
like the sound of it.

(didnt put the other strings cause there is nothin played on them )

D                                           G
i'd love to hear my daddy playin once again
D                                       A
all the songs he taught me when i was a kid
D                                  G
john henry, ol chelly, and faded love
D                            A               D
id fall to pieces and on the wings of a dove
D                                     G
just a few chords on the bonjo, that was all he knew
D                                         A
in the eyes of a child, man his fingers flew
D                                          G
i practiced and i practiced till i got it right
D                      A                         D
i packed up everything and just took off one night


D                                               G
i made it from the beer joints to the opera stage
D                                                   A
he said the only difference is when youre gettin payed
D                                       G
he didnt care when everybody knew my name
D                        A                        D
he said its all for nothin if you dont stay the same
D                                                           G
and when he died the preacher cried and said he's the lucky one
D                                    A
he's walkin hand in hand with god's only son
D                                                 G
my faith and common sense tell me the preachers right
D                     A                      D
id love to hear the banjoplay for me tonight

G                                                  D
and i will honor my father with these words i write down
G                                            D
and as long as i remember he'll always be around
D                                                G
and the pain of losin him cuts like a randall knife
D                            A                       D
i learned a few chords on the banjo was the key to life
D                                                G
ya the pain of loosin him cuts like a randall knife
D                         A                              D
but i learned a few chords on the banjo was the key to life


please rate and im open to suggestions about the chord pattern or riff.
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