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Intro: ( C Dm Gm Bb C4 C ) 1x 
                 Dm                   Gm 
Between dusk and day. Before the sun rise 
                Bb     Csus4    C 
The city will begin to live its crimes 
                Dm                    Gm 
Millions if you ask. It happens everywhere 
             A7             Dm 
Every little corner has its tale 
                C                         Gm 
Windows are the eyes that witness without soul 
                Bb              Csus4 C 
Watching in the silence what is done 
              Dm                   Gm 
I'm a part of this. Violence is my friend 
               Bb      Csus4    C 
Walking on the line of life and death 
                 Dm                    Gm 
Spirits walk the streets. Siren sounds alone 
                 A7           Dm 
Screaming ou the lyrics of my song 
                C                    Gm 
I have no other life. Concrete is my cage 
           Bb                Csus4 C 
All my desillusions turns to rage 
                   Dm               Bb      C 
I'm Living For The Night. Though we have to fear it 
                     F             Bb      C 
Where life is just a game that you have to win 
               Dm                  Bb      C 
Living For The Night. When death surrounds you 
       F           Bb        C 
On and on. All the time it's near 
I'm longing to be free 
He even knows my name. He wants no waste of time 
Bb C 
I know that killing is his game and I am the prize 
Our footsteps sounds alone. I know he's just behind 
Bb C 
I feel the panic in our hearts beating very loud 
I turn my eyes to him. The night is very dark 
Bb C 
He's got a knife and know cause I saw the blade  
Between the light and shade Between the night and day 
Bb C 
Between my life and death I only feel the blade
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