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Capo on the 4th fret

Am            F               C   G  
 A cry in the night I'm still hearing
 No my love is gone I must be dreaming
 Lost in the mist of passions strange
 Wiping the tears I recall the pain

    Am       Em        F       C
 Of love and laughter, joy now slain
           Dm                         E
 When your world turns cold won't you call my name

C    G          Am
 Cry out in the dark
      Em          F               C
 I'll be by your side to give you warmth
      F         G        
 And light and shield you from the night
C     G        Am        Em                F 
 Hold on, hold on, we'll fan the flames of love
    C       F    G           
 Together again, just you and I

Am             F            C  G 
 I watched the faces in the fire
 No emotion was ever there
 If this is truth then who's the liar?
 Your eyes are blind, they don't love you

         Am       Em               F           C
 You're just an amusement, thought of with disdain
     Dm                           E
 But I'm still waiting, won't you call my name

         Dm                    Am
 You say your heart is open to loves call
         C     G           F
 And you can't refuse it's refrain
Dm                      Am
 But you don't hear the real sirens song
 C    G       F            G
 Echoing it's refrain, my love still remains so
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