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    Not Alone

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Am9                                     F9
Take your broken dreams, lost and left away
Where the silence lives, where you meet the pain
Paradise of tears, fire without a flame
Face without tears, tears without shame
                   G4                     Dm
When you found the key, than you lost the way
          F9                       C
Love desapeared, you died another day
             G4                  Dm
When you are down and hopeness? gone
               F9              C
Speak to the sky, your?re not alone
          G4                 Dm
In every time you might be strong
             F9               C
Make up your mind, you?re not alone
             G                     Dm
Love finds a way, you just need to pray
            F9               C             
Somehow you know, you?re not alone
             G4                 Dm
Lift up your voice, sing to the trone
              F9               C             
Praising the Lord, you?re not alone
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