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Tom: D
E|-6---10~5---10~3~5-3-|               E-3---6-5---10~-6-|
B|---------------------|               B-----------------|
G|---------------------|               G-----------------|
D|---------------------|               D-----------------|
A|---------------------|               A-----------------|
E|---------------------|               E-----------------|

       D                Bm
Let me introduce myself
           C#m                  F#m  E
I haven't been here for a long time
              D                Bm
Been looking for somebody else
          C#m           F#m  E
But only here I feel alright
How are you now?
            D                        Bm
I've been floating through the stars
        C#m             F#m  E
Just to be inside your mind
         D                    Bm
I wanna wake up where you are
         C#m              F#m  E
I wanna hold your hand tonight
How are you?
How have you been?
Did you miss me?
And where did you go?
            Bm           D
Where were you all this time?

         F#m         E
When it feels like home
          D                 D/F#
In your dreams I walk alone
               Bm        G          F#m
I'm trying to find an escape for tonight
         F#m         E
When it feels like home
          D                     D/F#
In your dreams I sing this song
Please don't mind
              G              F#m  D
Please don't wake up tonight
Please don't mind
              G              F#m
Please don't wake up tonight.

F#m     E     D
Uuuuh Uhuuuuu Hu
Bm     G   F#m
Uuuhu  Uh  Huuuu.
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