• Song:

    The Sunshine

  • Artist:

    Vitor Kley

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G5         C5
Hello sunshine,
G5                    D5
Don't be afraid because
G5           C5            D5
Everything will be alright,
G5                 C5
Don't stop the fight,
  D5                                G5            C5
That life goes on no matter what happens it happens
You will win

A5                    C5
Everything that you lose you will
G5                                           D5
Recover no matter what happens you will be able to fight
And i'll be there

G5           D5
The sun shone,
B5      C5        G5             D5
And you have the power return alone
B5                         C5
When these things does not make sense
G5       D5
C5       D5        G5
Make sense to me
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