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Gm  Eb
Cm  Eb D

Part I:
Gm    Dm    Bb    A4 A
Gm    Dm    Bb    Dm

Verse 1:
  Conceal your deepest worries, confine your thoughts
            Eb                       D
Inside the walls you built of damaged pride
  The light in your eyes failing like you're adrift
              Eb                                D
Like night pretending to be day. These storms subside.

Bb                              F                         Bb
  Though the past the unwanted memories are holding onto you.
                     F                            Bb
All the power in the universe conspires to carry you.
Truth you find through your adversities will defend you
Bb                             F                           Gm
  As your powers and all your energies conspire to carry you.

(Part I)

Verse 2:
 The adversary of your soul, the blackest thoughts
             Eb                        D
That try to poison you. These storms subside.
 Lay down your greatest burden. Relinquish that 
              Eb                         D
which has control of you and let yourself through


(Part I)   3x

Part II:
Dm                             Bb
  Though it seems the past and future look the same
Dm                           Bb 
  Suffice to say that you're still here


Bb F Bb F ....
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