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C      F      C      F7M
C      F      G      C

Verse 1:
          C                    F
So much I thought, I'd have to say
                Dm                Am
though I try to speak, my meaning strays
          F7M                          Dm
We can't avoid the facts that brought us here
       G               C
I have come to say goodbye

Verse 2:
           C                        F
The lies I try to tell with my own eyes
          Dm                    Am
An act of pride, a wilful compromise
              F7M          Dm
Please understand how torn I am
       G              C
when I walk away from here

Verse 3:
    C                          F
I lament the moments we won't share
        Dm                      Am
If I am far too sentimental, I apologise
            F7M                 Dm
Please understand, this is who I am
             G                                     C
and who I'll still be when I've walked away from here

    F                 G
You know - I am not unkind,
       Em                       Am
when I say: in the future, the past is just the past
   F                         G
No going back, no change of heart
            C      G/( Em )         C/( Am )
But this is now. Time will not defer


Verse 4:
              C                  F
My thoughts betray, so easily confess,
               Dm                       Am
how long I'll wait here after you have gone
        F7M                          Dm
Nothing ends but I don't believe that now
        G                    C
Please don't walk away from here

Verse 5:
       C                     F
When alone, when I remember days,
             Dm                                Am
nothing will change a single fact of who you were to me
              F7M               Dm
Oh, come what may, forever to the end
          G                     C
I find it so hard to let you go

F                G
Hush now, Let it go now
           Em               Am
There's no need for sad goodbyes
F                G
Hush now, Let it go now
  C          G/( Em )   C/( Am )
I know it's time to go
G                         C
Time to let this fall from my hands
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