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Verse 1:

      They told me the streets were all paved with gold
      But these dirty sidewalks are gray and concrete cold
      They said neon lights were a beautiful sight
      But how 'bout the one blinking in
                    C5    E5 E5
      My room all night


                    C#5 F#5  B5         E5
      And where's the magic in this magic town?
                  C#5 F#5      B5             E5
      Where's the good life they said could be found?
                C#5 F#5  B5  /C#5 /D5 Ebm7-5            D5
      Where's the magic to make all my  big  dreams come true
                 ( D5 )
      1: I gotta find it, girl, before I send for you (to verse 2)
                 ( D5 )                               A5
      2: I gotta find it, girl    before I send for you (to piano solo)
               ( D5 )
      3: I gotta find it, girl, if it can be found
         Before I bring you to (to coda)

Verse 2:

      They said in this town you get rich in no time
      But here I am and I'm down to my last dime
      I just don't know why I bother to try
      When nobody here gives a hang
      If I live or die

[repeat chorus]

Piano solo:

      piano [4X]:

       A5          /C#5 D5   E5       D5   E5
       v   v   v   v      v   v   v   v
      -r--/--/--/--/--/- | -/-------/---/---
       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  [4: and where's the]
             3      3

Coda (chords as per piano solo):

                  A5    /C#5 D5 E5
      This magic town

           D5  E5   A5    /C#5 D5 E5
      This magic town           (repeat to fade)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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