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    Mary Anns Place

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                             MARY ANN'S PLACE - Volbeat
Tabbed by: Mr. Zaenk
E-mail: Zen_works@ymail.com

Note: I just noted the Main-Tonality/keys 'cause it sounds best, played in Powerchords.
In other case you've to guess whether major or minor ;)

(Listen to the song to get the rhymth)
G Ab G Ab G Ab G F

G Eb G Eb G Eb G Eb D

D Hb A G A G

(G)                   Hb
Here I sit at Mary Ann's place
              C              F                G    F    G
Oh baby, the rain is always pouring when I'm here
Saw the lightning caught your stone
              C           F               G     F
Oh maybe the angels of tomorrow will let me go

Eb                              Hb  G F Eb
Still the crying hurts in your head
(Eb)                              Hb  G
Well, you're still beneath my feet
F         Eb
Well, oh God don?t seems to follow
          F                             G
Hear my prayers until tomorrow's settlement
(G) Eb G Eb

G                            Hb
   Side by side with Lucy's stone
              C              F             G   F   G
You two are forever missing colours in my home
Do you think you can forgive
                  C               F
I know that your life has been a burden
   G         F
A living hell

Eb                               Hb  G F Eb
Still the crying hurts in your grave
(Eb)                          Hb  G F Eb
Well I'm still beneath your feet
(Eb)                      Hb  G F Eb
Have you looked into the sky?
(Eb)                        Hb  G F Eb
Well, oh God don't seem to mind
Will the fire burn the flower
Or the angels sing tomorrow, when I'm near

strumming : D Eb D F D Eb D
listen to the song and you'll get the rhythm

End on D
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