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INTRO:  C5   D5   A5  G5  E5  D5   G5   G5

G5                   D5               G5             C5
Tonight I came home late again, she didn't ask me where I've been

G5                                       D5
Her bags were packed and sitting by the door

G5                    D5               G5              C5
She looked at me and said goodbye, I did my best to change her mind

G5                   D5          G5
But she don't wanna hear it anymore

              C5             D5     G5         D5          E5
CHORUS: She's steady as she goes, this time she's not crying

        C5            D5            G5  D5   E5
        If I said it didn't hurt, oh I'd be lying

        C5                 D5                 A5          G5
        Where she got the strength to leave Heaven only knows

                   (N.C.) E5 D5             G5
        But she's a rock,    steady as she goes


G5                 D5                 G5                      C5
It tears me up to watch her go, but deep inside my heart I know

G5                              D5
Leaving is the only choice she has

G5                   D5                G5                 C5
I guess she finally got the nerve to give me just what I deserve

G5                    D5                 G5
She's had enough and she ain't lookin' back



       (N.C.) E5 D5              G5
she's a rock,    steady as she goes

      (N.C.) E5  D5             C5         G5
she's a rock,    steady as she goes.
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